An Obelisk is a monumental tapering column carved from a single block of stone (a monolith), with a square (or rectangular) cross-section and capped with a pointed top called a pyramidion. The word Obelisk is derived from the Greek word Obeliskos meaning "needle". Obelisks symbolized the stability and the creative force of Atum also known as Ra- the Egyptian Sun God.

Our company embodies these basic characteristics of the Obelisk which gives us the foundation, stability and focus to aim for higher ground.
Our Mission

To support design & engineering firms overcome the challenges of in-house documentation and provide them with backend support enabling them to enhance their design capacities. To achieve this Obelisk will not only provide CAD and BIM support but will work as an integral knowledge partner.

Our Vision – Architecture Knowledge Partner

To help the AEC Industry deliver on an efficient and scalable model of managing their core function. while we partner with them as domain experts in our business Obelisk is distinguished by the following features:

Focus. Obelisk is dedicated and focused on successfully developing systems to provide support to the AEC firms. We specialize primarily in the Architecture & Construction support services. We personally ensure that our company strategy is focused on the industry and its functional segments. In doing so, we have established unparalleled domain expertise that enables us to better serve our clients.
Operational excellence. Obelisk runs critical business operations for its customers, increasing their profitability by combining high-quality services and state-of-the-art infrastructure.
Leadership. Our leadership team comprises of professionals with outstanding and highly relevant experience in the AEC & ITES industry. With over hundred person years of experience in the Architecture and Construction space, our executive team, leads large and critical projects for our esteem partners.



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